TSREDCO Website Case Study


Design, development, and maintenance of the Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd (A Telangana State Government entity), this project is a milestone project for Paccore, where we worked from scratch to closure.

This website consists of 100+ pages and the viewership would be 1 Lakh+ on a daily basis.

This website project is very different from other government websites and it will stand as a unique model standing out on a new approach.


The Hitch

The governments should implement and work towards website development with specific guidelines (GIGW) and the website should be compliant with the latest standards of GIGW 3.0.

Taking the point into consideration, we approached design and development in such a way as to address Quality, Accessibility, Security, and risks.

Also, we need to maintain the STQC Standards to accomplish the design and development. We achieved that part by getting approvals timely from the TSREDCO team.

The Story That Led To Innovation

The Team of TSREDCO requires a new-age approach for the website as many government websites are not on the latest trends and will be on standard protocols.

The TSREDCO team has given Paccore an opportunity to experiment with the latest design trends and Paccore submitted the illustrator model, where our design team, designed all department’s illustrations such as for Energy conversation, Solar energy, Other renewable energies, EMobility, etc

Paccore designed the color schemes and design patterns based on the TSREDCO team’s suggestions.

The Conclusion​

An offline application, which is a server-less model, consists of takeaway as well as home delivery options, with easy of use

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