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Faculty of Dentistry is one of the most popular majors in Indonesia. There’s a view phase that a dentist student needs to accomplish before they declare themself as a legal dentist in Indonesia. One of them is the Co-Assistant phase. The Co-Assistant is the second phase that a dentist student must accomplish after they receive their bachelor of dentistry.

The Co-Assistant phase is the most complicated of all phases. In Indonesia, the Dental Co-assistant has to fulfill all dental requirements (Dental treatment cases) that the hospital already determined. The worse part is that the Co-assistant needs to find his/her patient on their own. For example, the Co-assistant took the scaling (tartar) case, so the Co-assistant needs to find someone that has tartar issue and willingly want to be treated.

The Hitch

I’m trying to build a system that could help Dental Co-assistant find patients more effective and efficient so they could accomplish their dental requirements and graduate from Dental Co-assistant faster. So, there’s a view thing I need to do:

1. Determine the suitable Dental Co-Assistant needs to help them accomplish their program.
2. Determine the suitable dental patient needs to help them get a proper yet cheap dental treatment.
3. Design a system/feature that could help both parties reaches their goals.
4. Test the design to see if the design is fitted with the target needs.

The Story That Led to Innovation

  • Not everybody knows who we are, they just don’t believe we are allowed to do this under professional supervision. -Dental Co-Assistant
  •  It’ll be easier if we have the patient profile, their complaint, or proof-like photo of their mouth. -Dental Co-Assistantt
  •  The worst thing when you don’t have any patient to check on, you literally need to walk to a neighborhood and knock on their door. -Dental Co-Assistant
  • It would be nice if I know the complete professional profile of the Co-assistant, I don’t want to be fooled. -Patient
  • It’s hard to suit my schedule with theirs. -Patient
  • I don’t know much about the hospital and their program, maybe if you could give us more information about these kids that want to treated toothache for free it should draw more attention. -Patient
The Conclusion

Designing this app that has two separate products (Co-assistant and Patient) is quite a challenging experience for me. There’s still much more that I need to dig about product design. It took me 4 months doing this research cause I approach almost 60 respondents around Jakarta and Bandung and it’s fascinating to know their variations of needs and there are many possible ways that we can deal with their problems.

There’s always an improvement and iteration for a product to compete out there in the world. So probably the next thing I could do is:

  • Revamp/redesign the app base on the previous test result.
  • Run another test for the next iteration.
  • The cycle keeps running because there will always a problem waiting ahead of us.

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