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In India we have 300+ dental institutes and 5000+ dental labs, there are currently over 1,80,000 dentists, which include 80,000 specialists practising in different disciplines in the country.

 An untapped industry where the network, and marketplace need to address as a whole some package.

Bijbol is one such solution or platform for creating a dental eco system, creating opportunities, educating the dental students and giving access to exchange thoughts for better growth of the dental industry

The Hitch

We have a lot of applications which can support distributors & store owners but do not create easy communication.

There is no proper guidance or support for exclusive new budding doctors for settling in careers.

Finding out perfect education support is a myth in this industry and no proper reference courses or the material is available for upcoming doctors to read and grab knowledge

The Story That Led To Innovation

A team of dental doctors who understands and observed the challenges in the dental industry did vast research in creating a dental network, a marketplace started Bijbol.

At Bijbol, Technology bridges the gap between dental aspirants, experienced dental doctors and connects them with ease.

Bijbol acts as one solution for many users such as dental students, dental labs, dental product suppliers, dentists and gives them a fair opportunity to exhibit their relevant experience

The Conclusion

You are a dental student, a dental practitioner, a dental equipment supplier, a dental job aspirant, bijbol a single solution for solving many needs.

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