Barley Product App Case study


This application is based on app-based liquor management and it is a takeaway and delivery- based model.

This application has many new features Paccore added, it is a hybrid model and a server less model.

It is a new form of work to Paccore where server involvement is not in practice.

The Hitch

Client request is to maintain this application majorly offline and the server-less model is a hitch to address for us. The team is involved in almost all possibilities and needs to maintain the client-side mobile experience as well as the user experience. The entire application should work offline with ease of use

The Story That Led To Innovation

The business requirement is an offline application with easy-to- upload products and product-related information, the application should work internally with the client’s known users and take away from the preferred liquor stores in the United states.

This offline application should work without any server, which led to Paccore checking the possibilities of uploading the product to the application.

The Upload of products option was given by using the “EXCEL” Sheet and it will act as a medium, where once the client manually enters the product image, description and price and submit, it will automatically reach the application and be visible to the customers for purchase.

The Conclusion​

An offline application, which is a server-less model, consists of takeaway as well as home delivery options, with easy of use

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