4-Step Holistic Manufacturing Strategy For The 4th Industrial Revolution

4-Step Holistic Manufacturing Strategy For The 4th Industrial Revolution

When properly designed and executed, the digital ecosystems of industry 4.0 include manufacturing systems that communicate with each other, share data, and self-improve. Innovative combinations of these technologies allow manufacturers to close skill gaps, resolve labor shortages, reduce energy consumption, cut costs, improve efficiency, and create profitable digital connections with customers and business partners anywhere in the world. Most importantly, the connectivity and data-driven processes of Industry 4.0 naturally break down the silos that exist between parts of an organization—and are the root cause for productivity, quality, efficiency, and safety problems–that plague manufacturers today. Secure IoT connections also allow authorized users to optimize processes, service equipment, collect data, and monitor supply chains from anywhere they can get an internet connection.

Where to start: Paccore NxT can help

The potential for digital manufacturing is so immense, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why some manufacturers lag in comparison to others in terms of progressing towards Industry 4.0. At Mindtree, we have compiled our experience of working with hundreds of manufacturers. We know how to identify the first steps that make sense for each organization.

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